In this article, we will be looking at how you can request for a loan after creating and verifying your account.

Upon approval of the verification process, you will gain access to your dashboard.

Displayed on the dashboard is your loan limit. Your limit is calculated based on the information you have provided. To apply for a loan, click on “Borrow”.

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Next, review the information on the screen. This information is derived from when you first signed up.

After reviewing and confirming the infomation, toggle how much you want to borrow, as well as when you plan to repay it and click on “Proceed”.

Note: Do make the necessary changes, if any.

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Once you have reviewed your information and made any necessary changes, click on “Proceed”.

Next, upload the relevant and supporting documents to help the lenders know you better. The more comfortable lenders are, the better offers you will receive. Click on "Proceed".

Lastly, please provide us with your USDT TRC-20 wallet address. This is the address that you will be receiving your loan.

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Once you have copied and pasted your address in, click on “Proceed”.

A summary of your loan request will then be displayed, showing your loan amount, duration, interest rate, repayment amount as well as your wallet address.

Once reviewed, click on “Proceed” and we’ll let you know when you have an offer!

Otherwise, click on the arrow back until the dashboard to cancel the loan request.

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